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We are a collection of mature and noble players united for the same cause...ruling this realm and bringing it into to the light
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 Want to join the Order

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PostSubject: Want to join the Order   Want to join the Order EmptyTue May 11, 2010 6:59 pm

I am looking to join a strong and growing alliance such as the Order of the All Seeing Eye. I am new to PM but I am already an addicted and avid player. I am a Phoenix and on server 2 in a section of the map that already has multiple cities run by 2 members of the Order, Alien youth and BeardedPlatypi. My inclusion would strengthen our position in my neighborhood. I have been predominantly building my infrastructure up til now but will be focused on building my army and Rep going forward. Thank you for considering my membership and i hope to be a part of your team going forward with common goals

user name bbqpimp

user ID 9s2p

Phoenix server 2

Rep 1076

Level 7 (8 wthin about 12 hours)

Gold 10,031 Food 1,161


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Want to join the Order Empty
PostSubject: Re: Want to join the Order   Want to join the Order EmptyTue May 11, 2010 7:42 pm

Hey bbqpimp. I am the founder of the Order and would love to add you to our family. Unfortunately, all of our slots are filled presently. Do not be dismayed by this. I offer two solutions. One is that you wait a few days and keep checking here or contacting me or one of the two you listed in your post. I say this because now that we are all moving to our new permanent homes, the flock may be thinned by one or two slots. It is unfortunate but it is the nature of the game. That being said, I would gladly welcome you to the Order. The other option is patience. They are going to open more slots for the alliances and I plan on upgrading immediately. Make sure, either way, that you keep in touch with Alien and Bearded. HOpe that helps
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Want to join the Order
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